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The Doctor’s Doctor

Who do doctors go to see for their eye surgery?

Dr. Kurwa is trusted by his colleagues
to perform their LASIK and Cataract surgery.

Lasik Patients

Dr. Zosaya, Anesthesia
Dr. B. Hayakawa, Emergency Doctor
Dr. J. Leon, Respiratory
Dr. Sanjay Khedia, Internal Medicine
Dr. Bush, FPH ER
Dr. Rick, FPH ER
Dr. Chan, Methodist Hospital
Dr. Jean Bardenheier, Family Medicine
Dr. Rodolfo Magsino, Family Medicine
Dr. Krekor Tomassian, Family Medicine
Dr. Vijay V. Patel, Internal Medicine
Dr. N. Dhiman, Internist
Dr. S. Rambhatla, Neonat/Perinatology
Dr. J. Shah, Internist
Dr. K. Shah, Internist
Dr. Kavitha Kotrappa, Family Medicine

Cataract Patients

Dr. Donald Dworken, Family/General Practicioner
Dr. Hyma Velkuru, Pediatrics
Dr. Usha Varma, Family Medicine
Dr. Manish
Dr. Cerna Atil, General Surgery
Dr. T. Watanabe, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Nasim Malik
Dr. R. Chaudry
Dr. Gormley
Dr. Malcolm

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