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Dr. Badrudin Kurwa MD, FACS, FRCS(C) U.S. Patents

An ophthalmological device for cutting into a nucleus of a cataract comprises a phaco tip including a body having at a distal end thereof a solid blade with a face edge adapted to be placed in contact with the nucleus. There is no aspiration port in the face edge. An aspiration port in the body is displaced rearward from the face edge by a distant which is greater than the length of the blade. A sleeve fits over the body and has a forward section that terminates in an opening in advance of the aspiration port. The device is used alternately with a standard phaco tip to remove cataracts. A surgical instrument comprises a handpiece including phaco tip having a face edge having aspiration port therein that is adapted to be placed in communication with a source of aspiration. A control unit regulates the application of aspiration to the aspiration port, enabling aspiration at the aspiration port to be discontinued on command.



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