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The best part of my eye surgery was that it was quick and not too painful. There was a slight discomfort afterwards, but that didn’t last long at all. Amazing how well I see now.
Sandy B. May 28, 2014

Great service, great doctor. The entire staff was amazing.
Claudia G. May 28, 2014

My eyes feel great! Thank you Dr. Kurwa.
Emanuel L. May 28, 2014

Dr. Kurwa did such a wonderful job. I couldn’t be any happier with the results.
Luz C. February 17, 2014

Dr. Kurwa did an amazing job! I’ve had this procedure done before elsewhere, but I could tell I was in better hands this time.
Mike D. February 14, 2014

My eye surgery with Dr. Kurwa went great! It couldn’t have gone any better.
Abelardo S. January 28, 2014

Dr. Kurwa did a great job of explaining everything that I needed to know before my procedure. It made me feel totally confident in him and helped me enjoy the procedure.
Karla D. January 17, 2014

I liked that the procedure and the recovery were very fast. Dr Kurwa definitely knows what he’s doing.
Norma F. January 14, 2014

The procedure was great! I’m so glad I had it done. So far my recovery has been going very well.
Yanith C. January 6, 2014

The whole procedure was fast and easy, About 15 minutes. I received great treatment throughout the process. Dr. Kurwa explained everything well and was very cautious. He is very experienced, I strongly recommend Dr. Kurwa. Recovery took about two days for my vision to seem clear. The first day vision is blurry and light bothers you, and the next morning you feel like a small eye lash is stuck on your eye, but by the night you will love the results.
Isabel C. December 31, 2013

I had a great experience. Dr. Kurwa is very professional and my recovery was smooth.
Jennifer T. December 19, 2013

My husband and I just got our eyes done by Dr. Kurwa. The procedure was quick and the staff was friendly. Dr. Kurwa is very insightful and answers any questions you may have upfront. The recovery was awesome, little to no pain at all. We will recommend Dr. Kurwa to all our family and friends.
Elvira C. November 22, 2013

The procedure was fast and simple. I would recommend Dr. Kurwa to anyone looking to get surgery. My recovery was very smooth, with almost no pain at all.
Enrique c. November 19, 2013

Although I only saw Dr. Kurwa for an eye exam, I found him to be very well-informed and helpful.
Brent M. November 11, 2013

My LASIK surgery turned out great. Dr. Kurwa did a fantastic job! I also had a good and fast recovery after my surgery.
Yvonne A. November 04, 2013

The procedure went smoothly, the only uncomfortable part was keeping my eyes open with the instrument he used. Dr. Kurwa talked me through it and made me relax so I could go on with the procedure. I was very pleased and thought he did a great job. The doctor was referred by a patient of my father’s, and after our first meeting I felt very comfortable going through with the procedure with Dr. Kurwa as I thought he was very knowledgeable.
Clark S.F. October 10, 2013

Dr. Kurwa did an amazing job on my LASIK surgery.
Fannie F. October 03, 2013

I had the perfect experience with my eye surgery at Kurwa Eye Center.
Sam D. June 26, 2013

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kurwa for a while and he is wonderful, personable and brilliant.
Joelle D. June 24, 2013

I was delighted with my experience at Kurwa Eye Center. I was very comfortable during the surgery and it turned out very well. My recovery was excellent, no pain.
Ramesh H. June 24, 2013

Dr. Kurwa did a great job on my surgery. I had no problems with my recovery after the procedure. It was soothing and peaceful. Dr. Kurwa is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Michael B. May 24, 2013

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