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Mommy S.. – Alhambra, CA ★★★★★


Dr. Kurwa is amazing at what he does. The 3rd day after laser eye surgery and I can see! I can see! No more scrambling looking for my glasses or wondering if it’s time to change my contacts out. My eyes were bad and he reassured me that he will try to get me to normal. I’m fine with that. I still can not see well at night but I will discuss that with him.

The experience was not painful but really uncomfortable but that is expected. I am such a baby when it comes to any pain or discomfort. Well worth it though. Your eyes feel dry and scratchy at first but it is expected with the type of procedure you had.

Overall I love that I can wake up and not worry about glasses or contacts.

Irene F. – Alhambra, CA ★★★★★



My father and mother saw Dr Ko in San Gabriel for at least 15 years…and he was NEVER proactive in saving their eye sight!! He sure took the money though!!

Needless to say, after my father went blind in one eye…we found Dr Kurwa!! He immediately told us that he could help my father’s vision in his one good eye by surgically removing the massive cataracts that have grown there!!! DR KO DID NOTHING!!! I’m soooo happy we found Dr Kurwa he has restored some sight to my father’s eye!!!


Tim S. – Pasadena, CA ★★★★★


Having done the laser surgery 4 days ago, my vision is 99percent of the way there. The staff was very friendly and the Doctor was great. I did not have to wait long at all. I would recommend this doctor to anyone wanting to do the Lasik eye surgery.

The payment covers everything, there is no need to go pick up a prescription for antibiotic eyedrops or anything. If you come here to get Lasik done, it is a one stop shop!

Nancy D. – Chino Hills, CA ★★★★★


Dr. Kurwa and the staff at both of his offices are very courteous and helpful. Dr. Kurwa treated my mother who was blind from one eye, now she can see and read , and read , and read………, He also treated my husband who has worn contacts for more than 20 yrs, he can se.e 20/20 now and loves it. Thank you Dr. Kurwa and staff, may you have a very Merry X-mas and a blessed New Year.

Sibyll D E. – Covina, CA ★★★★★


I was recommended Dr. Kurwa by my optometrist several years ago. Finally felt ready to have the surgery on both eyes. From the beginning all the way through this process it was the best. Woohoo, Dr. Kurwa and all the staff.

Samuel O. – Pinon Hills, CA ★★★★★


I was very fearful of having anyone work on my eyes as I had cataracts. Dr. Kurwa not only performed the procedure without using stitches; but when he finished I had 20/20 vision in my one eye. I don’t need glasses in that eye. Needless to say I am thrilled. Will be having him do my other eye soon. Will write a review when both eyes are done

Julie E. – Monrovia, CA ★★★★★


I had cataract surgery on both eyes performed by Dr. Kurwa and I can not tell you how thrilled I am! I am seeing clearly for the first time since I was a child, had no pain and no down time. He also has a great personality and his staff is terrific! Can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Dr. Kurwa for changing my life.

Olga W. – Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA ★★★★★


After the surgery (about 2 months after) I emailed Dr. Kurwa directly with some questions and he answered right away. Very attentive, very caring and very professional.


★★★★★ 8/23/2011

Dr. Bud Kurwa was recommended to me as one of the top eye surgeons and a specialist for cataract and lasik. I had to arrange a surgery for my elderly Mom who needed a cataract surgery. I was very impressed. The best service! VERY professional and most importantly excellent job – no complications, no pain.

The staff was very helpful and accommodating over the phone as I needed an appointment on urgent basis.

The clinic is very nice! We didn’t have to wait and appointment was right on time. When Dr. Kurwa saw my Mom, he suggested that she could go without a surgery for a while. That just tell me that he is not after the money but is acting in the best interests of the patient. However we still opted for a cataract surgery only for one eye.

It took him 5 min to do the surgery. We were out in no time and my Mom was feeling perfectly fine! It has been almost 3 weeks now since the surgery and she is extremely happy. She sees so much better and the vision is keep improving.

She will have a Lasik done on the other eye by Dr. Kurwa and she is all set. We are very happy and would definitely recommend Dr. Kurwa to cataract patients or those who need Lasik.

Rose S. – Monrovia, CA ★★★★★


im very pleased with the result of my lasik surgery. 20/20, unbelievable. Dr. Kurwa made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in for my consultation. The nurses are very nice and helpful, and even financially was able to afford it. During my procedure as nervous as I was, he talked to me telling me what he was doing and what to expect. All came out smoothly and Im very happy. I highly recommend Dr. Kurwa, he knows what he is doing, and they work with your schedule. I didnt miss a day of work. I highly recommend him.

Don M. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA ★★★★★


I highly rate Dr. Kurwa and his staff. Not only did they treat me like a special person, they also worked with me on payment, since I am on a fixed income and had no insurance.

I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Kurwa and his team.

Loree M. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA ★★★★★


Dr. Kurwa and his staff are easily the most curteous and professional health care providers I’ve encountered in at least 20 years. From the first call to his office, to the cataract surgery and the follow-up visits, I was treated with nothing but kindness, efficiency, and courtesy. Dr. Kurwa and his employees answered all of my questions, any time I needed a call back I got one promptly, and when the day of my surgery arrived, everyone’s “bedside manner” was great! Thanks to Dr. Kurwa and his staff, my cataracts are gone, and I no longer even need reading glasses! If anyone I know ever needs lasik or cataract surgery, I’ll definitely steer them towards Dr. Kurwa.

Marc S. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA ★★★★★


I have three friends who have had the Lasik procedure at Dr Kurwa’s and one friend who had a cataract removed and they all swear by this guy. I met with him to see if I was a candidate and he said my eyesight is not bad enough to have Lasik. I can’t believe he turned me down. This has sold me for good. In this economy, I would assume Lasik doctors would be begging for my business but to walk away from my money because it is the right thing to do – I am impressed. I refilled my contact lens prescription instead.

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